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                  Svenna               Trond            Daniel         Kjetil          Stein

Saints and Sinners

Saints & Sinners is a Norwegian Whitesnake tribute band.
The band started up in 2009, and is now playing around the scenes in Scandinavia, making the crowd go wild over songs like Here I go Again, Is This Love, The Deeper the Love, Fool for your Loving, Bad Boys, Crying in the Rain and many more.
The band is focusing on the commercial aspect, and out of the more than 40 songs up their sleeve, they will always pull out a setlist taylor made for the particular audience at the time. They will give the bikers and rockers the harder stuff, and soften it up for the ladies at the club. There will be enough power ballads to make them forget Robbie Williams for the night…
The band also throws in a couple of Deep Purple classics, like Mistreated, Stormbringer, Burn++, and off course it makes a perfect vorspiel whenever the real Whitesnake is coming to your town.

So get your leather jacket on, and get ready for the Whitesnake experience coming to a club near you real soon…

Check out the new web site; www.saintsandsinners.no for news and more info about booking.