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About Svenna, Guitar

Svenna grew up playing the clarinet…

And that could be the end of a tragic musical career if it was not for the Iron Maiden record “666 the Number of the Beast”. That record changed everything for Svenna, and he ran out and bought a guitar. Spending most of his teenager time figuring out how to play Iron Maiden, he started a band called Trade, making their own material and playing local venues in Oslo. After some Trade years, he hooked up with Stein on bass, and they played in several bands together, including Sheik Arne, Glam Slam and others. Then he moved on to other more rock and roll based bands, like Eliaz and Trell.

Looking back, his biggest influences besides Iron Maiden is John Sykes, Steve Vai, Gary Moore and off course Doug Aldrich.

When he got the call from Stein telling him to drop everything and join the Whitesnake tribute band, he sold his Harley and bought a couple of new guitars. That’s the kind of dedication a band needs!

Beeing a typical not-to-hightech-kind-of-guy, svenna relies on a couple of Gibson Les Pauls and a custom Carvin amp and a couple of old Marshall speakers. He also owns a lot of pedals and stuff that he can’t figure out…