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Stein Larsen, Bass

Being the little brother of a sister that played Uriah Heep and Nazareth until he’s ears bled, Stein had little choice but to become a rocker.. Thin Lizzy and Kiss was the first influences, and soon, heavily impressed by Phil Lynott, at he age of 12 he picked up the bass guitar. After playing in lots of local bands, he became the bass player for some of Norways more established bands, touring from the age of eighteen. This also forced him to expand his musical horizon, moving into more R&B and pop influenced styles. After touring with a number of bands like Tilt, Panama, Ole I’dole, Bighand, Dollie, Sheik Arne, The Monroes, So What, GlamSlam and Mecalimb for a couple of decades, plus producing some bands, he finally called an old buddy, Svenna, and told him to drop everything and start a Whitesnake tribute band. The time had come to get back to the roots, and grow some hair again.. Stein is dedicated to playing BASS, and be the grooviest, heaviest, steadiest bassplayer possible, and lives by the motto; Big is beautiful, and Image is everything! His gear has a few broken backs under it’s belt, but it’s all worth it. Stein endorse Hartke Systems.