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About Daniel

It all started back in the early 70`s when his bigger brother smashed their mothers guitar right over his head. It was obvious; this boy must become a musician.

For many years Daniel travel all across Norway with his guitar as a troubadour. With a hundred gig`s every year from the boys go wild after ski on the top of a mountain to the rock’n roll pub`s in town.

Whitesnake, Dio, and Led Zeppelin were the music it all started with in a school band. And there were some years on the musical stage in show like Les Miserable and Jesus Christ Superstar. And now the circle is complete. Back on stage with this tribute to Whitesnake he is more convincing than ever.

Daniel is the last one in to this band. In February this 2010 he ran in to Svenna the guitarist. That he have not seen since they play together in a motorcycle club in oslo. They have a small chat, and Daniel was very interesting about this Whitesnake tribute thing, and a few weeks later Svenna calls him up. And invite him to a rehearsal. That was a match. Daniels powerful voice with a bucket of blues in it made the sound that this great band deserves.